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Together, Let’s Grow your
Agri-food eBusiness..


The governments of Canada and Ontario are investing up to $2.5 million to help the agri-food sector expand online, providing more opportunities for producers to grow their business. 



COVID-19 has transformed Ontario’s small businesses.  Operations like yours have had to close doors to customers at the cusp of the most profitable season of the year.

The Federal Government has responded with the Agri-Food Open for E-Business initiative to help food producers, farmers markets, retailers, garden centres, greenhouses, nurseries, and agricultural associations develop their online business for more sustainable sales.

The goal of this initiative is to provide consumers with greater access to a wide variety of food and agriculture products. You don’t want to miss out on this critical opportunity to pivot your business towards e-commerce – but how, right?!



In the scramble to pivot and adjust this spring, it’s understandable if your head is spinning and you aren’t sure which path to take.

Every situation is different and what works for one producer won’t necessarily fit with others. You may already be online and realize that you need to expand, or perhaps you’ve never been online and don’t know where to start. Either way, there are lots of questions to answer about your customers base, your inventory process, and how you want to position yourself for online sales.

How do you quickly take advantage of this funding and adapt your business in these challenging (and busy!) times to move forward? With our help.


We Can Help

Your Opportunity is here.  You know what works for your operations, let our wisdom and experience guide you through the digital tools available to effectively apply and leverage the funding.

Everyday, we work with small businesses like yours to establish a cohesive digital presence that reaches your customer base. We really do understand the challenges you are facing and we’ve designed an approach to quickly identify the best path forward for your ebusiness operations.

30-minute Needs Assessment

What we’ll accomplish: 

  • Do you qualify for funding opportunity?
  • Are your operations well suited for e-commerce?
  • What type of platform would serve your business best?
  • What does e-commerce look like for you?

+ Application Support

Based on our needs assessment, we’ll either immediatly start start desiging a strategy for your business complete with pricing and timeline or we’ll schedule another call, get some more info and then do all that stuff.

During this process we’ll ensure that you have all the pieces needed to quickly and easy complete your application with the best chance of leveraging this opportunity.

Get ‘er Done

Time for execution.  Once approved, we’ll launch into action.  We’ll already have a work plan in place so now we will discuss timelines, employee engagement, and how we can best execute for you. 

You’ll like working with us.  We’re a no-frills, down-to-earth group that likes getting their hands dirty with all the digital details so you can focus on what matters – which is getting back on track with your business for more sustainable sales moving forward.



  • Web, mobile & interactive design
  • Custom web & app development
  • Interactive  strategy
  • Content development
  • On page SEO optimization


  • Hosting & Email
  • Online business process analysis & strategy

Digital Marketing

  • Strategy
  • PPC Advertising (Google Adwords, Yahoo/Bing)
  • Social Media Marketing & Advertising
  • Content development
  • On-page SEO optimization

Graphic Design

  • Branding / Corporate identity
  • Supporting print materials
  • Annual reports, brochures
  • Signage, posters & packaging